Secret Societies

Gareth Roberts

Why non-members just can’t resist accessing the secrets of secret membership organisations and societies.

The Hotel de Bilderberg is located off the village of Oosterbeek in the Netherlands.

It sits nestled between centuries-old oak trees within De Veluwe National Park.

Its surroundings give the hotel an almost fairytale-like feel.

Its secludedness also led to its hosting of a secret event.

In 1954, the most powerful men in the world met at the hotel to discuss matters related to the future of the world.

Since then the meetings happen annually.

The Bilderberg Group is now considered the world’s shadow government.

Over the years government representatives, businesspeople, politicians and bankers have attended.

Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Prince Charles, Gerald Ford, David Rockefeller and Jeff Bezos are amongst them.

All considered powerful members of society.

But the agendas of those meetings always remain a secret. As well as those invited. (We know of…

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